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Project Planning / Highest and Best Use Evaluation
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Real Estate Brokerage Services

Property Management
An essential review and interactive discussion of real estate development potential, including land use and zoning, market needs, area-wide growth potential.  We follow up with budgeting assumptions and permitting and construction timetables.  Working with selected consultants and experts, we help you to formalize a realistic project income and expense scenario and establish a critical path timeline for accomplishment
At Sand Dollar Development Corp, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. 

We provide a variety of services including:
Property Tax Abatement Services
Community Association / Community Development District Planning & Creation
Project Marketing Strategies & Image
Zoning & Land Use Consulting & Representation

​We serve as the key liaison with the various governmental agencies involved in reviewing and approving property rezoning and land use changes.  Working in cooperation with recommended land use attorneys, we serve to represent your interests and intentions before all local boards and public hearings.

Working with recommended local area and national marketing strategists, we outline suggested project image and likely target audience. We will create marketing and advertising sample presentations to reinforce the various recommended project themes.

Most master-planned real estate ventures require the formation of community associations for the long term management of common areas and community-specific rules and regulations.  These legal entities are made up of either residential homeowners associations, commercial property management entities and in certain cases, semi-public taxing authorities such as community development districts.  We outline the structure and most effective means of logistically handling real estate projects, and will work with legal representatives to create and publish the necessary public record documents, budgets and assessment structures.
We are Florida Licensed  Community Association Managers, and will gladly assist your firm with property management services for single-family and multi-family properties.

Project Management Services
Construction-related project management services, including budgeting, bank-liasion, contract preparation and administration, contractor bidding, selection and supervision services, including management of survey and legal platting work required to complete real estate projects in a timely fashion.
We will provide representative real estate brokerage services, targeting the project builder community, third-party out-parcel purchasers, as well as the general public.
Effective negotiator with local taxing authorities to assure that the proeprty tax assessments placed upon your real estate accurately represents the correct valuation of your property.  Especially prevalent in the current real estate market recession, which has created an abundance of overly-valued properties. We work on a contingency-based fee, which is directly related to property tax bill savings realized by an owner through our tax assessment reduction negotiations.